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Camping in Panama is considered a popular activity, not only among locals. For foreign visitors camping in the tropics is still a secret but it becomes more and more an attraction to backpackers and adventurous from all over the world. Camping under the open sky offers an unforgettable stay that you can experience up close and secure in a campervan in Panama.

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Campgrounds in Panama

You can sleep among the worlds on the edge of the rainforests or listen to the sound of the waves on one of the breathtaking beaches, while the safe campervan is parked close to you. If you’re planning a trip to Panama and looking for that unique opportunity, camping with Morpho Van is the perfect solution for you.

Camping in Panama

Campervan Camping

Camping in Panama is the absolute insider’s tip, as it offers a convenient and affordable way to explore the country’s diverse landscapes and attractions. Thanks to Panama’s generous wild camping opportunities, you’ll sleep in places most tourists never get to see.

Panama is the perfect country for a road trip. Not too big, but not too small. Within a few hours you can be in misty mountainous regions, on white sandy beaches or in the dense rainforest. We would recommend everyone to explore Panama by car or better campervan, because this is the most flexible way.

Flexibility and other advantages

With the Morpho Van you experience the ultimate feeling of freedom. You decide when to go on and where your next adventure will take you. Traveling through Panama by campervan is an affordable way to explore the country. You will experience the natural beauty of Panama first hand. A camper offers more space than a normal car and it feels like your own home after a few days.

The sounds of nature can keep you awake at night in your tent. Your campervan is well-protected from outside noises and even wild animals will not have a chance to crawl in. Still, expect to be awakened at night by other things, like the gentle sound of the ocean waves or rain. Earplugs are definitely a valuable helper.

Beach Bonfire at sunset

Shortly before the actual sunset around 6 pm, mosquitoes and sandflies come out of their hiding places. A reliable mosquito repellent is therefore essential, which we have installed in the Morpho Van. In Panama you can buy the mosquito spray “Off” for adults and children in almost every supermarket. This mosquito protection can be worth its weight in gold here, despite all precautions.

When choosing the right Morpho Van for your Panama adventure, there are a few things to consider:

  1. Best match and size:
    Consider how many people will be traveling with you and choose a van that is large enough to comfortably fit all of your fellow travelers.
  2. The equipment:
    Different campers have different features. Be specific about what is important to you. Do you need a kitchen or a shower? Do you need a ventilator? Make sure you choose a camper that fits your individual needs!
  3. The budget:
    Camper prices can vary greatly, and the price will depend on what standard you prefer. Remember that you also need to factor in the cost of gas, food and all activities.

Wild camping vs campgrounds

Yes, wild camping is allowed in Panama. However, there are some regulations for camping on the beach. There are no official regulations for “wild camping” in many Central American countries. However, national parks and nature reserves are off limits, with a few exceptions. In order to camp in certain areas of the national parks, you usually need a permit and in some cases you even have to be accompanied by a guide.

Here are some campsites in Panama:

Please note that there are usually no explicitly marked campgrounds in Panama. Most hotels and resorts offer the service in addition.

BoqueteCabans El ParadorLink
Stone Cabins BoqueteLink
DariénCanopy CampLink

More links to campgrounds will follow in this article here –>

Camping in Hammock

Wildlife and camping

Red-bellied puffbirds, red-tailed glossy birds, white-headed wrens and many more provide an unmistakable dawn chorus that is unparalleled in Panama. The Darién Province of Panama is a birdwatcher’s paradise, located in the most diverse and least explored region of Central America. In the lowlands in the far east of Panama, located at the end of the Panamericana, you can feel the wilderness around you at the new Canopy Camp. Giant trees – Cuipo trees – offer a fantastic panorama. Harpies and crested eagles live in these huge rainforests.

While sipping your morning coffee, you can listen to the trilling of golden-headed pipits in the forests next to the camp. A walk with a knowledgeable guide will leave you in awe. From tiny, colorful poison dart frogs on the forest floor to red-throated caracaras in the tree canopies above you, these forests are full of life. At the end of your day exploring the region, you’ll lie down in the Morpho Van and doze off to the sounds of owls, daytime sleepers (potoos), nightjars, and a symphony of frogs wishing you a “good night” from the woods.

Panama CityIMQV VillageLink
Playa VenaoBeachbreak SurfcampLink
Selina Playa VenaoLink
PacoraThe Camp at Kalu YalaLink
Bocas del ToroSelina Red FrogLink
Hostal Camping la y GriegLink
Las Lajas ChiriquiNaturalmente PanamaLink
Magic Mountain LodgeLink
Santiago de VeraguasFonca Don FaustoLink
Los Chorros de OláCamping Las LuciernagasLink
El Valle de AntonNatural Green-Eco-CampsiteLink
Santa CatalinaHotel Oasis & Surf Camp Santa CatalinaLink

Useful tips for camping

Setting up your tent in the middle of nowhere and spending the night is a safety risk in some countries of the Americas. The reason for this is the high crime rate, which can quickly become dangerous, especially in the big cities. Panama, on the other hand, is a safe country to travel to. Nevertheless, you should always lock the Morpho Van. Even at night, when you are sleeping. Depending on the equipment you can either open the windows or the roof hatch for the fresh wind.

In general, Panama is a safe country for travelers. The police is always present. However, you should not be too reckless.

When camping in Panama, there are some specifics to keep in mind:

Choose a safe and secure spot

The campground or a parking lot in front of a hotel are certainly good choices. At the sea you can camp in the area where the beach ends and where the palm trees begin. This area also offers some shade, which is more pleasant anyway. Just never park directly under a palm tree with coconuts. That is another dangerous thing. The falling coconut could be very painful to your head and cause deep dents on the roof of the campervan.

Prepare for different climatic regions

From subtropical, to dry and cool, there are different weather conditions in Panama in the mountains, at the sea and in the jungle. But everywhere there is high humidity. So pack appropriate clothing and equipment to stay comfortable and dry everywhere you go. During the rainy season there are heavy rains and thunderstorms. Panama has a tropical climate with two distinct seasons – the dry season and the rainy season. The dry season lasts from December to April, while the rainy season stretches from May to November. Weather can vary greatly by region, so it’s important to be informed and pack accordingly. Be sure to bring rain gear and clothing appropriate for the climate.

Protect yourself from insects and animals

Panama is home to a variety of insects and animals, some of which can be dangerous. Be sure to take insect repellent and watch out for snakes and scorpions. For example, I would not recommend sleeping directly on the ground and always check my shoes before slipping into them.

Refill drinking water

Tap water in Panama is generally clean and drinkable. However, in some areas of the country it is advisable to resort to bottled water. Always check with campgrounds or restaurants to make sure the water is drinkable.

Cooking in the wild

Traveling through Panama by Morpho Van is a good opportunity to save money because you can cook your own food with the small camp stove. I would advise you to buy fruits and vegetables at local markets and get the rest at the supermarket. Rey, Super 99 and Xtra are good supermarkets with a wide selection of food.


If you are interested in the adventure “Camping in Panama” in a Morpho Van, please contact us at any time. We are here to help you with advice and support when it comes to finding a campsite, missing equipment and information that will guarantee you a special kind of vacation.

You will soon realize that camping in Panama is still new territory for many people. Because when you park your campervan on the beach in the evening and set up camp for the night, you often won’t be alone for long. And the subsequent encounters make the vacation a special experience.

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