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This Campervan vehicle, which we call Morpho Van, is the perfect van for the most amazing travel experience in Panama! The spacious and practical bus is your comfortable home on four wheels. From air conditioning to self-sufficient power supply via solar panels, the campervan has everything you need for a trip through Central America and along the Interamericana.

With the campervan you are absolutely flexible and can stop wherever you want. BTW: We will bring you the Morpho Van to any location in Panama City and surrounding areas. Pick-up and drop-off locations is Panama City. Flying in to Panama City and out? Drop-off your car in Panama City!

If you especially like a place in Panama, you just stay a few days longer. If you want to see and explore more, you don’t have to check in or out all the time. Simply, drive your bed and yourself wherever you like. In addition, you will save money since traveling in Panama and hotel prices are not cheap. For backpackers and young travelers, this Campervan vehicle might be the best option to travel around the country. Use your money on exciting jungle tours, delicious food, breathtaking snorkeling trips or great dives.

Enjoy the freedom and discover Panama on four wheels!


Stay cool while traveling. The campervan has an air-condition on board.

Comfy bed

A comfortable sleeping for up to 3 people with a size of 1,60 x 1,90m

Solar roof

Solar panel and a built-in battery that gives you completely self-sufficient electricity

Many extras

Camping shower, toilet, refrigerator, hammock, mosquito nets, etc...

Scroll over the small dots and find out what camping gear is on board a Morpho van.

Campervan vehicles Equipment

Supercomfy bed
1,90m L x 1,60m W

Air Condition in driver's cabin 

Shower & Toilet
Mobile Camping Style

Mosquito Protection
Roof and window for fresh air

Solar Energy
Solar panel with powerful battery

BBQ grill and chairs

Your private sundeck

Pans, gas cooker, water tank and more

Our Campervan vehicles come with a variety of camping gear. It will make your stay a pleasure. You like to make a BBQ grill or want to use a camping shower? A Morpho Van is your comfortable companion on the road in Panama. For some the camping toilet is the highlight, for others the comfortable bed. For us, it’s the solar system that makes travelers in our campervan independent. So you have electricity wherever you are and can work on a laptop or charge your mobilephone.

Fully-Equipped Campervan

Solar Powered

The campervan is equipped with solar panels and charging batteries so you can use lamps and fans everywhere.


There has never been a better experience then BBQing in the wild, cooking at the beach and eating outside.

Shower & Toilet

Compact and easy to use. The campervan has camping shower and toilet.

Wireless Internet

We rent satellite dishes to connect you to the Internet anywhere in Panama. Broadband Internet at it's best!

Super comfy bed

Our mattress is particularly high and comfortable and provides a pleasant sleep.

Insurance included

The campervan is insured. The price includes this mandatory insurance and extras.

Additional Extra Services

Campervan baby

Baby & Kids Package

To make sure that the babies and toddlers travel safely, we are happy to provide a baby seat. This reduces the stress of travel and ensures a safe arrival. We also give a travel bed with good mattress and sheets plus an extra mosquito net. Also a baby carrier will come with this package.

Campervan from inside showing the Comfort

Travel and Work Package

If you need a reliable and powerful internet connection, Starlink offers high-speed, low-latency broadband Internet in remote and rural areas around in Panama. Enjoy speeds of 50-200 Mbps whether you’re on the beach, in the jungle, or on an island. We’ve also installed a monitor in the campervan for your convenience. Mirror or extend your laptop monitor, just connect via HDMI cable and go.

Bocas del Toro Stand-up paddle boarding

Snorkeling and Paddleboarding Package

With our package, you’ll have everything you need to make the most of your time on the waves. We provide an inflatable paddle board and air pump that easily fit into our campervan, ensuring that you’re always ready to hit the water. Plus, we also offer two snorkeling masks so you can explore the incredible marine life that surrounds Panama.

Additional Extra Services

Baby & Kids

Service Package
$ 49 per week*
  • Baby seat
  • Travel bed
  • Baby Carrier
  • Mosquito net

Travel & Work

Service Package
$ 70 per week*
  • STARLINK internet
  • Broadband WiFi
  • Extra monitor

Snorkeling & Paddleboarding

Service Package
$ 49 per week*
  • Paddle Board with air-pump
  • Snorkeling gear
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