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Where to go in Panama?

Destinations Guide for Panama
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Pedasi in Panama


Pedasi is located at the southernmost point of Panama’s picturesque Azuero Peninsula. The small fishing village is very popular with surfers and has a lot to offer.

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Santa Fe in Panama

Santa Fe

Santa Fe is truly Panamanian. Rainbows crisscross the powder-blue sky here, high in the province of Veraguas, where lush green hills dot the horizon.

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Boquete in Panama


Boquete is extraordinarily vibrant, alive, lush and home to a wide variety of fine dining establishments. Here you can experience true Pura Vida!

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Bocas del Toro Islands in Panama

Bocas del Toro

When you think of paradise, you probably picture a beach with calm, turquoise waters and beautiful palm trees. Well, Panama’s Caribbean region is where that paradise is.

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David is Drop-off location of Morpho Van


In Chiriquí you can find almost everything in David, eg. many shopping possibilities, in the third largest city of the country.

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Panama City pick-up of Morpho Van

Panama City

Panama City is Central America’s most opulent, cosmopolitan metropolis. It enjoys year-round sunshine and cooling sea breezes.

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What to do in Panama?

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Most popular jungle tours in Panama

Go wild! Discover the real wilderness on Central American jungle tours in Panama. Whether as a day trip or an adventure lasting several days – Panama has the full program of jungle tours to offer and has everything for botanists, animal experts and hobby adventurers.

Campervan and school bus on the Pan-American-Highway

Road trips in Panama on the Pan-American Highway

The Pan-American Highway is more than just a huge road through Panama. Around 48,0000 kilometers of roadway, two subcontinents, almost all climate zones, 19 states and up to 4,700 meters of altitude make the Pan-American Highway an adventure route that is more than just a connection between North and South America. Oh, by the way, the Pan-American Highway is not the right name for this road here. Why is the section in Panama called the Inter-American Highway? What are the highlights of your tour and most importantly, why is the road a dream for many travelers around the world?

Driving in Panama on the Panamericana with a Morpho Van

Driving in Panama

A road trip through America is the dream of many travelers. The famous Panamericana also passes through Panama and driving here can be challenging or relaxing depending on your driving skills and experience. The Panamericana is called the Interamericana in Panama and the other Central American countries. It is a continuous paved road that is well maintained. Off this main road, however, it can get bumpy.

Campervan baby

Traveling in Panama with a Baby

Many fresh mothers and fathers use the time after the birth for a longer vacation abroad. The new family can then travel for several weeks,

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