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Travel and Work Package

The Travel and Work Package

Home offices and innovative work concepts make it possible to work from anywhere in the world. Maybe you are a freelancer or digital nomad and decide for yourself where and when you earn your money.

If you want to be reachable at any time and need a reliable and powerful internet connection, you don’t have to do without it in Panama. Starlink offers high-speed, low-latency broadband Internet in remote and rural areas around the world. Enjoy speeds of 50-200 Mbps whether you’re on the beach, in the jungle, or on an island.

We’ve also installed a monitor in the campervan for your convenience. Mirror or extend your laptop monitor, just connect via HDMI cable and go.

What's included in our Travel and Work Package?!


Highspeed internet in your campervan


Hook up your laptop to an extra monitor