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Frequently Asked Questions

Renting a campervan in Panama should be pleasant and easy for foreigners and locals. Nevertheless, renters often have more questions and we are ready to answer them all. Gladly also via WhatsApp or email on our contact page. For more safety while traveling, we have collected some of the most urgent questions about our campervan rentals here in the FAQ section.

How old do I need to be to rent a campervan in Panama?

You will be allowed to drive from 18 years old. Due to restrictions on insurances and coverages we will rent our campervans for the shown price only to drivers with an age of 25 to 75 years. If you are younger or older, please contact our customer service for a custom offer.


Does the campervan has USB ports for charging the cell phone?

The Morpho Van has several USB sockets, as well as a self-sufficient power supply with a 120W solar panel and a 220Wh battery. The system always supplies an “emergency” USB port. Inside the car, there are additional USB sockets at the cigarette socket and at the car radio for charging the cell phone.

Is there an integrated navigation system in the campervan?

No, for a long time the maps for Panama were not reliable and the navigation systems often deceived us as travelers. The travel route was much more relaxed without a navigation system at that time. Especially since Panama is a very easy country to drive through with a rental car or campervan. If you still need a navigation system you can use your cell phone on Google Maps or Waze (but not Apple Maps!) to choose the appropriate route and get on your way.

Do I have a stable internet connection on the road in Panama?

No, Panama is one of the countries in Central America where the 4G rollout is well advanced. However, 5G is still not available and cell phone reception is not even guaranteed nationwide.

We recommend using two prepaid providers, Masmovil or Claro and Tigo. They offer unlimited LTE access starting at $5 per week. Combined, you’re covered 90% of the time. However, connection speeds vary widely. However, they are usually sufficient for navigation. Tip: With our Work & Travel package you can rent an additional antenna with satellite internet. This way you are perfectly connected everywhere.

Does the campervan have 4-wheel drive?

The Morpho Van does not have 4-wheel drive. However, it has great tires that guide you safely over bumpy tracks and wet roads. But please do not overestimate your driving skills! Here in Panama there are roads that are difficult to pass even with the Morpho Van. Some hills and paths require a lot of power and the Morpho Van is a van, which is harder to maneuver than an SUV. You are always welcome to contact the Morpho Van team if you are not sure about road conditions and get good advice.

What camping gear is included in the campervan?

Unless you belong to the glamper faction ;-), the campervan has everything you need to have a great trip in Panama. The Morpho Van is equipped with all the essential travel gear:
A camping grill, mobile camping shower, camping toilet, gas stove, cutlery, dishes, pans, pot, water container, mattress, bedding, camping chairs and tables are always on board.

In addition, you can book our attractive packages that will make your stay even more enjoyable: the Baby & Kids package, Travel & Work package and the Snorkeling & Paddleboarding package.

Can I contact your campervan rental team during my trip through Panama?

The Morpho Van team is always available. If you have any questions regarding your trip or the Morpho Van, you can always reach us here in Panama via Whatsapp and we will of course help you in case of emergency. Nothing should stand in the way of your relaxing and eventful vacation.

Remember the most important number: +507 6334567-1. Here you can call directly if you had a breakdown or an accident, if you don’t know where to go at a crossroad or if you are just bored. We can also arrange your next stay in a hostel, a tour or even private guides.

Where can I pick up and drop off the campervan in Panama?

We offer you a first class service in Panama City. We will bring the Morpho Van to the airport of your choice or to your selected hotel around Panama City. You decide the time and we will be happy to escort you safely through the traffic out of the city. The return is also possible at the airport or at the hotel on the day of departure.

On request we also organize the pick up and drop off at the border Paso Canoas or David. We offer this service for an extra charge or even free of charge, depending on the time of travel.

Do I have to return the campervan completely cleaned after the trip?

You will receive the Morpho Van in a professionally cleaned condition inside and outside. When you return the Morpho Van, we ask that you sweep out the inside and leave the camping toilet empty and cleaned. Please wash all dishes and used cutlery and cooking utensils and store all materials safely and neatly. This will make the inventory process go smoothly when you return the van.

You do not have to completely clean the Morpho Van inside and out. Our staff will do that for you. However, if the campervan is grossly soiled and is handed over that way, additional cleaning fees may apply. Sand is often difficult to remove from the campervan, so please make sure to sweep the Morpho van regularly beforehand. In Panama, interior cleaning of heavily soiled vehicles can cost up to $100.

What happens in case of damage?

At the beginning of your trip with the campervan through Panama we will carry out a damage control of the vehicle together with you. Here, all defects or signs of use on the vehicle such as small scratches and dents are recorded, so that at the end of your trip it is ensured that the campervan is handed over in exactly the same condition. If the condition of the vehicle differs on the day of return, we will assess the damage caused and charge you according to the liability reduction option you have chosen (deductible per claim). Any accident, theft or damage must be recorded by the police here in Panama and information must be forwarded to us immediately. Please also read our Terms and Conditions, what to do in case of damage.

Are animals inside the campervan allowed?

The taking along of animals is explicitly excluded and not possible! The Morpho Van does not provide the necessary safety regulations for the transport of animals. We think about the health and safety of your pet. For an animal, traveling in the Morpho Van is exhausting and the conditions are also stressful.

Is Panama a safe country to travel?

Panama is among the safest travel destinations in Central America. Crime is greatly reduced due to the high police presence. You will be safe walking along the beach in the evening and using the designated campgrounds. At night many wild animals are active and you should not stay in dark alleys or unsafe areas. It is better to travel by campervan during the day. Accidents with animals or even people on the Panamericana happen mainly in the dark.

Which countries are allowed to travel with the campervan?

With the Morpho van you can travel in most provinces of Panama without restrictions. However, we do not recommend driving in the Darién, as this is an unnecessary risk due to a higher crime rate. At the borders of the individual provinces of Panama there are police and customs controls, where the papers of the campervan are checked from time to time. Generally, the officials are very friendly to tourists and do not hinder your onward travel. A change of country to the neighboring countries Colombia and Costa Rica is not possible with the Morpho Van due to insurance reasons!

What are the cancellation policies for the campervan rental in Panama?

We understand that there can always be changes in the itinerary at short notice. Therefore it is important to inform us as early as possible. If you do not pick up the vehicle as promised by confirming and booking via our booking form on the website or via WhatsApp, Telephone or E-Mail, we reserve the right to claim from you the damage caused by not picking up and renting the vehicle.

Normally all rentals can be cancelled free of charge up to 31 days before pickup. Deposit will be returned within 7 days after cancellation. That means, if you book eg. for the 2nd of July (from 0:00 am -12:00 pm), you are able to cancel without charges until 1st of June (until 11:59 pm). From the 30th day before pickup we keep the paid deposit from the rental price. That means in our example, from the 2nd of June (from 0:00 am) we must retain the deposit.

There are exceptions: If your plane is delayed or the responsibility for the delay is not yours, write us immediately. We would like to help in a flexible way, but we cannot promise to make an adequate offer.


with Protection Package
$ 150 per day
  • Unlimited km's
  • 2 adults, 1 child
  • 1,90m L x 1,60m W
  • Kitchenette
  • Manual transmission

Baby & Kids

Service Package
$ 49 per week
  • Baby seat
  • Travel bed
  • Baby Carrier
  • Mosquito net

Travel & Work

Service Package
$ 70 per week
  • STARLINK internet
  • Broadband WiFi
  • Extra monitor

Snorkeling & Paddleboarding

$ 49 per week
  • Paddle Board with air-pump
  • Snorkeling gear