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Campervan Rental in Panama

Rent a Morpho Van, your Campervan in Panama! Book now this cute vehicle for your adventure in Central America!

Drive through adventurous Panama in a fully equipped Campervan. Come and relax in this beautiful, fun and friendly environment. Panama is surrounded by mountains, jungle and two oceans. Our modern campervan has all the amenities, such as camping shower, a functional kitchen and comfortable bed.

Panama has about 120 campsites spread throughout the country. They are shaded and grassy and have spacious, long and flat sites as well as nice private sites with beautiful views.

If you are spending a longer stay in Panama, book your reliable companion with your campervan rental in Panama.

Discover Panama in a Campervan!

Fully equipped Campervan

Solar energy

Campervan is equipped with solar panels and charging batteries so you can use lamps and fans everywhere.


There has never been a better experience than barbecuing in nature, cooking on the beach and eating outdoors.

Shower & WC

Compact and easy to use. Our campervan has a shower and camping toilet.


We rent a satellite dish to connect you to the Internet anywhere in Panama, broadband Internet at its best!

Super comfy bed

Our mattress is super high and comfortable and provides a pleasant sleep.

Insurance included

Our campervan is insured. The price includes this mandatory insurance and extras.

Campervan vehicles Equipment

Supercomfy bed
1,90m L x 1,60m W

Air Condition in driver's cabin 

Shower & Toilet
Mobile Camping Style

Mosquito Protection
Roof and window for fresh air

Solar Energy
Solar panel with powerful battery

BBQ grill and chairs

Your private sundeck

Pans, gas cooker, water tank and more

Scroll over the small dots and find out what camping equipment is on board a Morpho Van.

Camping equipment included

Your campervan in Panama is equipped with various camping items. This will make your stay a pleasure. Do you like to grill or do you want to use a camping shower? Morpho Van is your comfortable travel companion in Panama.

For some the camping toilet is the highlight, for others the comfortable bed. For us, it’s the solar system that makes our campervan travelers independent. So you have power wherever you are, and can work with your laptop or charge your cell phone.

Scroll over the little dots to find out what camping gear is aboard a Morpho Van.

Happy tenants with Morpho Van

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